Kids Dental Treatment

Kids Dental Treatment Vadodara Kids are in general scared at the name of a dentist. Even if they have a painful tooth, they do not want to visit a dentist. Sometimes it is because of the traumatic experience they previously had or maybe it is because someone told him/her their own traumatic experiences at a… Continue reading Kids Dental Treatment

Gum Treatment

Bledding Gum Treatment Vadodara Does your gum bleed while brushing? Are you looking for a bleeding gum treatment in Vadodara? Well, your search is over. Chandan Dental clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Vadodara for a bleeding gum treatment. What causes a bleeding gum? Improper brushing can cause plaque to attach to… Continue reading Gum Treatment

Tooth Colored Filling

Tooth Colored Filling Vadodara When we hear of a dental filling, the first thing that comes to our mind is the silver color of the filling material. Silver fillings are by far the most used and the most primitive filling material to be used in dentistry. But, when it comes to esthetics, it fails. For… Continue reading Tooth Colored Filling

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Treatment Vadodara If you are looking for a smile makeover in Vadodara, then Chandan Dental clinic is your destination. A smile can change your overall personality. A beautiful smile can change your world altogether. It is the best jewel a person can wear. If you have any crooked tooth or discoloured tooth in… Continue reading Smile Makeover

Dental Veneers Treatment

Dental Veneers Treatment Vadodara A Dental Veneer is a cover that is placed over a faulty tooth to hide its flaws. It is made of porcelain (a tooth coloured material) so that it looks like natural teeth. We, at Chandan Dental Clinic, provide one of the best dental veneers in Vadodara. If you have a… Continue reading Dental Veneers Treatment

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Treatment Vadodara If you are having stained teeth and want to get it cleaned, then you can visit us at Chandan Dental, one of the best dental clinics to get a teeth cleaning in Vadodara. What is a teeth cleaning procedure? Teeth cleaning is known as scaling in common terms and an oral… Continue reading Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Vadodara Yellowish teeth is no more a worry. If you want a whiter and brighter smile, then visit us at Chandan Dental clinic to get yourself a teeth whitening in Vadodara. We all want a set of shiny white teeth, just like in the advertisements. But, some of us are not blessed with… Continue reading Teeth Whitening

Dentures Treatment

Dentures Treatment Vadodara Dentures are the most primitive and the most common method of teeth replacement. They are removable. If you want to get yourself a denture in Vadodara, you can visit us at Chandan Orthodontics. We use the premium quality material to fabricate dentures. These materials are softer, longer lasting and has a very… Continue reading Dentures Treatment

Dental Crown And Bridges Treatment

Dental Crown And Bridges Treatment Vadodara If you are having missing teeth and want a permanent replacement for it without any surgical procedure, then crown and bridge is the treatment of choice for you. Chandan Orthodontics is one of the best dental clinics where you can get a crown and bridge treatment in Vadodara. What… Continue reading Dental Crown And Bridges Treatment

TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment Vadodara If you are looking for a TMJ treatment in Vadodara, then Chandan Dental clinic is the place for you. We have well trained experienced dental surgeons on board who have been dealing with such cases and handling them successfully with ease, over years now. What is a TMJ? TMJ is the temporomandibular… Continue reading TMJ Treatment