Dental Crown And Bridges Treatment Vadodara

If you are having missing teeth and want a permanent replacement for it without any surgical procedure, then crown and bridge is the treatment of choice for you. Chandan Orthodontics is one of the best dental clinics where you can get a crown and bridge treatment in Vadodara.

What is a dental crown and bridge?

A dental crown and bridge is quite similar to a river bridge. Like a bridge is held at both ends, in the same way a crown and bridge is held by the adjacent teeth on both ends. If you have a missing tooth, we will take support of the adjacent tooth on either side to prepare a crown and bridge for you.

Is a crown and bridge permanent?

Yes, it is a permanent, non-removable replacement of a missing tooth/teeth. if you maintain a proper oral hygiene, a crown and bridge can last you a lifetime. You just have to follow the instructions given to you by your dentist and you will have a lifetime of happy smile.

What is the procedure to get a crown and bridge treatment?

The crown and bridge treatment require 2 appointments. On the 1st appointment, we cut the crown portion of the adjacent teeth to make place for placement of the crown. Then we take a full mouth impression and send it to the lab to fabricate a crown and bridge of the desired material. Mostly we use porcelain or zirconia depending upon the requirement of the patient. On the 2nd appointment, we deliver the crown and bridge to the patient by attaching it to the prepared existing teeth by means of a dental cement.

Is the procedure to get a crown and bridge painful?

No, the procedure to get a crown and bridge is not at all painful.

What is a cost of a crown and bridge treatment?

The cost of a crown and bridge treatment depends on the number of missing teeth and the material of the crown and bridge. Overall it varies between 3k to 5 k per unit.

In our clinic you can get the best quality treatment at an affordable price. A crown a bridge treatment can give your teeth a completely natural look, in turn enhancing your smile. Since it is permanent, you do not have to take it out of the mouth to clean it like dentures. You can just brush it like all the other teeth. It is a very good alternative to the primitive dentures. It is a painless and a very successful procedure.