Dentures Treatment Vadodara

Dentures are the most primitive and the most common method of teeth replacement. They are removable. If you want to get yourself a denture in Vadodara, you can visit us at Chandan Orthodontics. We use the premium quality material to fabricate dentures. These materials are softer, longer lasting and has a very close resemblance to our natural teeth.

What is a denture?

A denture is an artificial replacement for a missing tooth/teeth. A denture is a set of false teeth embedded on an acrylic plate.

What are the types of denture available?

Dentures are removable and are of 2 types: partial denture and complete denture. Partial dentures are for patients who have a single or a few missing teeth, whereas complete denture is for people who don’t have any teeth. A denture can be made of a variety of materials. Some might be stiff whereas some are flexible. We first examine the oral condition of the patient and then suggest the one that is suitable for him/her.

What is the process of getting a denture done?

A denture treatment requires two appointments. On the 1st appointment we will take the full mouth impression and send it to the lab. On the 2nd appointment we deliver the denture. Dentures are custom made for every patient. The shape and size of the dental arch and teeth varies from person to person. Dentures are made in such a way that they look almost similar to your natural teeth and there is no noticeable change in your appearance after wearing it. In fact, dentures may even improve your smile and fill out your facial appearance.

How long does a denture last?

A denture in general lasts for 5-10 years depending upon the way it is maintained. If you maintain it properly by following your dentist’s instructions, it will last you longer.

What is the cost for a denture treatment?

A denture treatment, being the most common and most primitive of all tooth replacement techniques, is a bit cheaper. The cost of a denture depends on the material used and number of tooth/teeth that has to be replaced. On an average the cost of each unit is around 500-800 bucks.

So, if you are having missing teeth and want a cost-effective good replacement for it, then book an appointment with us at Chandan Orthodontics. We are here to help you out.