Bledding Gum Treatment Vadodara

Does your gum bleed while brushing? Are you looking for a bleeding gum treatment in Vadodara? Well, your search is over. Chandan Dental clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Vadodara for a bleeding gum treatment.

What causes a bleeding gum?

Improper brushing can cause plaque to attach to our teeth. The plaque is a very good source of food for the oral bacteria. They feed on them. This plaque then tends to affect the gums as well. The bacteria acting on it causes severe infection which causes swelling of the gum. Due to the infection in the gums, the gums bleeds while brushing. This condition is known as gingivitis.

Is a bleeding gum curable? What is the treatment for a bleeding gum?

The treatment of choice for a bleeding gum is to get an oral prophylaxis or in non-medical terms, you need to get a teeth cleaning.

What is an oral prophylaxis?

An oral prophylaxis cleans all the plaques, stains and calculus from your teeth and gingiva by means of a special instrument, the ultrasonic scaler. Once it is cleaned, the bacteria can not attach onto the tooth surface anymore and thus can not cause any infection.

Oral prophylaxis is a routine procedure and we advise all our patients to get an oral prophylaxis done once in every six months.

Is a bleeding gum treatment costly?

No, a bleeding gum treatment is not a very expensive one. Oral prophylaxis is a regular routine procedure.

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