Teeth Cleaning Treatment Vadodara

If you are having stained teeth and want to get it cleaned, then you can visit us at Chandan Dental, one of the best dental clinics to get a teeth cleaning in Vadodara.

What is a teeth cleaning procedure?

Teeth cleaning is known as scaling in common terms and an oral prophylaxis in medical term. What happens is, we use an ultrasonic scaler to remove all the stain, calculus and plaque from you teeth and gingival surface. It is a completely painless and harmless procedure.

Who needs a teeth cleaning?

There are many of us who have stained teeth. But we don’t know what to do about it. No matter how much hard we brush, the stain remains. For such stains, an oral prophylaxis is needed. Other than that, there are people who suffer from bad breath and bleeding gums. For such patients, scaling is the treatment of choice.

What causes bad breath?

One of the main reason is, improper brushing. It is very important to brush twice daily for 2 minutes each time, using the proper brushing technique. When we eat something and don’t clean our mouth properly, the food tends to stick to our teeth. The oral bacteria acts on it and forms plaque, the plaque in turn forms calculus which is a hard substance that attaches to the tooth surface. It can not be removed by brushing. This causes bad breath.

What causes bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums is basically a gum infection caused by improper brushing and formation of subgingival calculus. When calculus is formed and it is not treated, then it tends to attack the gingiva. When it gets sub gingivally, it causes infection and inflammation of the gingiva. This condition is known as gingivitis which is characterised by bleeding gums. If it is left further untreated, it leads to periodontitis, which means infection that has spread to the underlying periodontium that supports the teeth. If oral prophylaxis is not done, the teeth then tend to become loose and fall off eventually.

What causes stains?

The main reason behind stains is the food with take and improper brushing. Tea and coffee, if taken in a large amount tend to stain our teeth. Other than that smoking cigarettes, using hard water for brushing are one of the main reasons for stained teeth.

Oral prophylaxis or teeth cleaning is a routine procedure. We advise all our patients to get an oral prophylaxis every six months. Earlier, there was a notion that scaling causes loss of enamel. It is not true. Scaling is done with a specialised instrument and it works on vibratory motion. It only cleans the teeth surface and causes no harm to the enamel. It is advisable to everyone to get a teeth cleaning every six months. Other than that if you are suffering from bad breath, stains or bleeding gums, you should immediately visit a dentist and get an oral prophylaxis done. If you have any such issues and you are sure what to do about it, visit us at Chandan Dental and get yourself treated by our group of eminent dental surgeons in Vadodara.