Teeth Whitening Vadodara

Yellowish teeth is no more a worry. If you want a whiter and brighter smile, then visit us at Chandan Dental clinic to get yourself a teeth whitening in Vadodara.

We all want a set of shiny white teeth, just like in the advertisements. But, some of us are not blessed with it. Yellowish teeth colour is a very common problem. Sometimes, it’s hereditary, sometimes it is because of our food habits. It is seen that older people have yellowish teeth. It is because of the normal ageing process. But, whatever be the reason, we can help you get rid of your yellowish teeth and deliver you with a bright radiant smile by the Teeth whitening procedure at our clinic.

What happens in a teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening is a very simple and painless procedure. In this procedure, a tooth whitening agent is applied onto the labial surface of the teeth and kept for some time. The agent has a bleaching effect which whitens the teeth. After the required time, it is washed out thoroughly and polishing is done to give the final bright and shiny touch to your teeth.

How long does it take for a full mouth teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening usually requires 1 or 2 appointments depending upon the case. Sometimes, the whole mouth teeth whitening is done in a single appointment, whereas sometimes it is planned in 2 appointments. It depends on the case and feasibility of both the surgeon and the patient.

What is the cost of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening, being a cosmetic procedure is a little costly. Chandan Dental clinic in Vadodara offers teeth whitening at a very reasonable rate. It is one of the best clinics in Vadodara to offer cosmetic dentistry procedures at a much affordable rate as compared to other clinics of the same standard.

Our teeth is a very vital part of our face and a marker of beauty. People with yellowish teeth tend to lose their self-confidence which in turn affects their personality. With this cosmetic dentistry procedure of teeth whitening, yellowish teeth is no more a problem. You just have to visit us at Chandan Dental and return home with a bright, shiny and radiant smile.