Tooth Colored Filling Vadodara

When we hear of a dental filling, the first thing that comes to our mind is the silver color of the filling material. Silver fillings are by far the most used and the most primitive filling material to be used in dentistry. But, when it comes to esthetics, it fails. For that reason we use only tooth colored filling materials in our clinic. If you want a tooth colored filling in Vadodara, visit us at Chandan Dental Clinic.

How are the tooth colored fillings?

The tooth colored fillings camouflage with the original tooth color and makes it look just like natural teeth. Not just that, it is also very biocompatible. The silver fillings sometimes cause pigmentation in the oral cavity. Tooth colored fillings have no such side effects. They are very safe and looks nice. No one can distinguish between your teeth and the filling material. They have enough strength to bear the chewing forces.

Our patients are very important to us, so we maintain the best quality treatment in our clinic. These fillings lasts longer and also relieves pain, soothes the gum and gives a natural look to the teeth. For this reason, we use only tooth colored fillings in our clinic.

What is the cost of tooth colored fillings?

Tooth colored fillings range between 400/- to 1500/- depending upon the material used. Tooth colored filling materials are available in many varieties. It is chosen as per the need of the patient. The cost of the filling depends on the kind of material used and size of the cavity to be filled.

So, if you are having a dental cavity and you are looking for a clinic where you can get a tooth colored filling for yourself, book an appointment with us at Chandan Dental Clinic. We will be very happy to serve you.