Braces Treatment

Looking for braces treatment without the metals showing off on your teeth? Chandan Dental is the place for you. We are one of the best dental clinics in Vadodara to offer transparent braces.

What are braces?

When you visit a dentist with the problem of misaligned teeth, he/she often seems to advice a braces treatment. You must be wondering what exactly is a braces treatment and how it works.

Dental braces are orthodontics appliances used to align, straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person’s bite. It also aims at improving the overall dental health of the concerned individual. Braces can also be used to fix gaps between adjacent teeth. There are 2 different types of braces available: metal and transparent. Braces function by bringing back the tooth/teeth in its actual position where it is supposed to be.

What is the advantage of using transparent braces?

Transparent braces are not visible to others and are custom made for every patient so that it snugly fits to the teeth. They, therefore, does not affect your looks. You must have seen people wearing metal braces. Whenever they smile or talk, the braces can be seen. Transparent braces function the same as metal braces, but without people knowing about it or noticing it.

How long does it take to get a transparent braces treatment?

Orthodontic treatments are time consuming. It may vary from days to months to years depending upon the case.

What is the procedure to get a transparent brace?

Transparent braces are custom made for every patient. For the braces to perform well, it needs to fit properly to the tooth surface. So, we need the full mouth impression to make a perfect brace for it. On the 1st appointment, we take an impression of the upper and lower jaw of the patient. Then we send it to the lab to get the braces done. On the 2nd appointment we fit the braces into the patient’s mouth.

What is the cost of transparent braces?

Transparent braces are made by a very few brands in India and it comes with a warranty card. The overall cost ranges in between 50k to 1.5 lacs depending upon the quality and the brand. We do not compromise on our treatment quality. If you want the best dental treatment for yourself at affordable rates, Chandan Dental is your destination.

Dental Braces treatment is basically a corrective dental procedure. Wearing braces can bring back your teeth to the proper position and deliver you a perfect tooth alignment. The beauty of our face, is to a large extent dependent on our teeth alignment. With braces treatment a proper teeth alignment can be achieved which in turn can enhance our beauty. So, if you are looking for a perfect smile with a perfect tooth alignment, book and appointment with us and we would be happy to help you.