Wisdom Tooth Removal Vadodara

If you are looking for a wisdom tooth removal in Vadodara, then Chandan Dental Clinic is your destination. It is one of the best dental clinics in town with experienced surgeons on boards who have been successfully treating patients for over years now.

What is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in the dental arch. Its time of eruption is 18-25 years. There are 4 wisdom teeth, 1 in each arch.

Why is it necessary to remove a wisdom tooth?

The wisdom tooth, being the last tooth to erupt, sometimes doesn’t get enough space in the arch and in turn can not erupt. It remains impacted. This tooth then causes inflammation, infection and causes pain. Sometimes it even infects the adjacent tooth. So, it is necessary to remove it to relieve oneself from the pain and to save the other teeth.Is a wisdom tooth removal a surgical procedure?

Yes, it is a minor surgical procedure. It is done under L.A or G.A, depending upon the surgeon’s preference.

Is it a painful procedure?

No, wisdom tooth removal is not really a painful procedure. We have the general notion that it is very painful. But it isn’t so. The procedure is done completely under anaesthesia and in our clinic, we provide every comfort to our patients and maintain a proper sterilisation so that there are no post-operative complications.

Mostly, all surgical procedures become complicated only if it is infected afterwards. So, the proper sterilisation of the clinic and the instruments is needed. At Chandan Dental clinic, we never compromise on the sterilisation of our instruments. We have been therefore very successful in treating our patients with surgical procedures and they rarely present with any post-operative complications, thanks to our highly experienced eminent dental surgeons on board.

What is the cost of a wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is not like extraction of any other tooth. Being a surgical procedure, it is a little expensive that a normal extraction. But, do not worry. Chandan Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinics in Vadodara when you can get quality treatment at a very reasonable price. We understand our patient’s needs and try our best to satisfy them with the treatment they desire.

Maintaining quality treatment and our friendly behaviour with our patients has gained us a very loyal clientele over the years. If you have any dental problem, you can just book an appointment with us. We have the best treatment for each one of you at a very affordable price. So hurry up! Nothing’s better than a set a perfect teeth that can put on the best smile and let you enjoy any food you want!